Tournament Application

Time to show the world your RampShot skills and get listed on the RampShot Player Rankings. Having your tournament approved to make sure your big games count for the rankings is an easy 3 step process: 

1- Submit the tournament application form on this page before you plan your event.


2- You will be notified by email once your event is approved. Now it's time to gather up your RampShot friends and run the best tournament in town! (Take plenty of pictures. You will need those later.)

3- Submit the results of the tournament on the Tournament Results page and upload 3 good action shots and 1 group shot of everyone who played in your tournament.  We will use these to verify your tournament and you might even appear on :)

* Tournament applications must be submitted at least five days before the scheduled event to be considered.

** Tournaments must consist of at least 8 teams and should be played at a minimum distance of 15' ramp to ramp to count towards the rankings.

***After results are submitted, points will be calculated and posted on the website within a week.​