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RampShot was not only designed by a PE teacher to help students stay active, it was created to be enjoyed by students of all ability levels. With three ways to play, RampShot can be adapted and modified to serve the needs of your students. Take a moment to watch the how to play videos and then dive into our complete RampShot curriculum below for lesson ideas and more!    

RampShot Rookie

Brand New Way to Play for Beginners and Younger Players!

RampShot Curriculum

RampShot was designed around the National PE Standards! 

With all the elements of the original RampShot in place, RampShot Rookie keeps all the fun but simplifies the scoring and rotating of positions. Even the youngest players now have an opportunity to enjoy playing RampShot but with a greater chance of success! Watch the RampShot Rookie how to play video and feel free to contact us with any questions at all. For a more advanced way to play, check out RampShot with SlapBack!  Sign up at the bottom of the page and join the RampShot community to get the latest in RampShot news, tournament info and all things RampShot!

Get in the Groove and Make RampShot a Part of Your School Physical Education Program Today!

RampShot is a great addition to any Physical Education Program, Youth Center, or Recreation Program. RampShot was designed by a Physical Education teacher as an alternative to traditional backyard games which only allow one player to be active at a time.

Three out of four player players are involved in every play in RampShot which allows for increased physical activity and student engagement. RampShot is the only backyard game that allows players to not only toss for points but catch for points as well.

Teammates work together to score points in this fun and exciting, non-contact game. The grooves on the patent pending ramps were designed to create exciting bounces that will keep students on their toes and help develop hand-eye-coordination.