Grad Gifts 2018 – The Best Gifts for Incoming Freshman

The RampShot Report

It’s almost time – Graduation season! These young adults have tried hard to do well in school and get into the college of their choice and start the next chapter of life. While some of you aren’t ready to see your kids go, now is the best time to get them ready for the big step in a couple of months. Forget about the gift card and get them something they can put their hands on the second they open it, just to be sure to get their list of must-haves!  Before your grad throws that cap – here are some gifts to consider to help them start their new lives in college.

Little known school essentials

If you want to grab a gift that is little off the beaten path, look at some fewer thought about essentials for different majors. Graphing calculators, word processing programs, design software, and other higher dollar items are things that many students forget about right up until they need them and they have already spent a fortune on dorm essentials. You might need to wait a little while before you give this gift since many programs are specific to different department standards. While you wait to find out what they need specifically, give them a card at graduation that says you’ll help by buying one software license or a calculator once you know more details.

Quantity Over Quality – General School Supplies

Sometimes the bigger ticket items can get expensive, and you want to get them lots of things but can’t afford the hefty price tag. Opt for something like a school supply box or crate and get a lot of smaller, essential supplies like pencils, pens, college-ruled notebooks, post-it notes, index cards of various sizes, highlighters, etc. These are things they will likely buy themselves, but you can save them some money initially by having them prepared well ahead of their first semester.

Get Them Tailgate Ready with our Rampshot

Few things are more exciting than your first college football games – except for the tailgate! Full of food, friends, and games upon games to pass the time before the game. If you want to set your grad up with a new, amped-up game of cornhole, grab them a Rampshot set. RampShot is the next big yard/beach game to hit backyards, beaches and college campuses across the country. RampShot is ridiculously fun and a completely unique yard game. Plus, since it is still pretty new to the yard games world, you can be sure your Freshman will be turning heads on campus and will be the hit of the party (or maybe you don’t want this ). RampShot is very portable making it easy to throw in the backseat and carry with you wherever you go!

 Décor Galore

By the time your grad is done shopping for essentials, they don’t have a lot of cash left over to buy decorations for their dorm room. If you are looking for gifts that are less practical and more superficial, opt for some posters and prints from their favorite sports team, TV show, game, etc. If you aren’t sure what interests they would want you to pick from, you can go for more general decorations like string lights, university-specific decals, and decorations, etc. A mix of both specific and nonspecific décor gifts give your grad a great starting point.

 Regardless of what you decided to give your grad, be sure your gift is helping them get prepared for the massive change in their life! Better preparation leads to better transition, so it makes the adjustment to being on their own a little easier and a little more fun.