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RampShot FAQ's

What Is RampShot?

RampShot is a brand new, four player outdoor game that utilizes two specially designed ramps and four bouncy balls the size of a racquetball. Similar to great yard games and tailgate games like KanJam® and cornhole, teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area. Each player gets two shots per round to score points for their team. Points are scored when players toss the ball in the net or their partner catches a ball that bounces off the ramp. Watch our How to Play video or download and print the official RampShot rules instructions.

What Makes RampShot Unique?

RampShot is the only backyard game that allows players to score points by tossing and/or catching. The patented grooves on the top of each ramp cause the ball to take unpredictable bounces which can make for highlight reel catches. The ramps in RampShot were designed to keep three out of four players engaged on every play, keeping everyone in the game and in the action. 

Talk To Me About Quality...

From day one, the team at RampShot worked tirelessly with designers and engineers to create a high quality backyard game that can withstand the wear and tear of every day use. Anything less, didn't make the cut. RampShot ramps were designed to be tough, portable, lightweight, stackable, weather resistant, and a whole a lot of fun. All RampShot ramps are manufactured in the USA and were designed to last.  Feel comfort in knowing that you will enjoy this backyard game for years to come. 

Where Is The Best Place To Play RampShot?
RampShot can be played anywhere but is best enjoyed on grass or sand. Whether you are at a BBQ, campground, college campus, the beach, tailgating, or just hanging out in the backyard, RampShot is an exciting outdoor game that everyone will enjoy!

Who Can Play RampShot?
RampShot was designed to be played by almost anyone. From ages 10 to the young at heart, RampShot is a backyard game that everyone can enjoy. Although RampShot is recommended for ages 10 and up, one of the co-creators of the game did lose to a team that included his eight year old son. (We won't say which co-creator got beat.)

I Have Another Question...​
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