Ian Golembeski grew up playing basketball, baseball and soccer in his hometown of Milton, MA. As the oldest kid in his neighborhood, he organized all the games on the block (most of which he made up) and developed leadership skills that he possesses today. Ian spent 8 summers working as a counselor at an overnight camp in New Hampshire and his ultimate claim to fame is the adult camp he runs every June, going on 3 years. Knowing he liked working with children, Ian spent a few years in the education program at Mary Washington in Fredricksburg, VA where he also captained the ultimate frisbee team. He went on to transfer to Southern Connecticut State University where he got his degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies. You won’t meet anyone who knows where NBA players played in college more than Ian does. Ian now lives in Long Beach, CA and spends his days on the beach or traveling, teaching people how to play RampShot.

About Us

Buddy Hammon

Chief Excitement Officer

Ian Golembeski

Chief Fun Officer

People of all ages and backgrounds have started playing RampShot in their backyards, at the beach and wherever there is a place for a little friendly competition. In 2017, two of those avid RampShot players joined the official RampShot team and have made it their mission to spread the love of RampShot to all corners of the country. Here's a little bit about their background...

Born and raised in Mission Viejo, CA, Buddy Hammon grew up playing baseball, basketball, and football. After realizing that other kids were growing beards and weighing in at 200 lbs, 5'0" 100 lb freshman Buddy decided to stick with baseball through high school and took up beach volleyball in college. With strong interests in health, fitness, and sports, he majored in Kinesiology at SDSU. Buddy has used his knowledge and experience to teach elementary school PE, fitness classes, and now trains members at Orangetheory Fitness. Aside from traveling the country teaching/playing RampShot, other interests include traveling, videography, playing guitar and drums, and simply living the dream!

Josh and Kevin were friends for almost 15 years when they invented RampShot. Their love of the great outdoors, BBQ's and anything competitive was the inspiration when inventing this completely unique backyard game. With Josh's background in Physical Education and Kevin's background in business, the two took their idea and turned it into a fun, quality product that is now played in backyards and beaches around the country. Josh and Kevin launched RampShot in 2014 and it took off rapidly. They realized quickly that RampShot just might be the next big thing in outdoor games! 

Josh Bonventre

Co-Founder / Chief Play Maker

Kevin Texeira

Co-Founder / Team Captain